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(Pocket-lint) - A rumour published recently suggests Apple could use the same triple camera system touted for the iPhone XI in its next iPad Pro refresh. 

This triple camera has been seen in iPhone leaks for the past few months, and lives inside a square protrusion on the back of the next iPhones, where the current vertical pill-shaped protrusion sits. 

Macotakara reports (via 9to5Mac) that its sources within the Chinese supply chain think the iPad Pro could also feature this new three-camera set up. It's the first time it's been reported, and would be unusual for an iPad to feature such high-end camera features, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. 

MacotakaraNext Ipad Pro Could Feature Same Triple Camera As Iphone Xi image 2

As it stands, an improvement like this would be more than just the incremental evolution we're used to seeing from Apple. In fact, seeing any major improvement at all on the cameras of an iPad is quite rare. 

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The current iPad Pro features just one single camera on the back for taking the odd basic photo, or showing someone what you're looking at during a video call. Whether a triple camera on an iPad is useful is certainly debatable. 

For many, the smartphone is their primary - and predominantly - only camera. Having a triple camera in your pocket is a tried and tested feature offering three unique and useful lens angles. 

An iPad isn't a device you take with you in your pocket every day, and so having such a high-end camera system on a device that isn't as convenient to grab, is possibly a step too far. 

Of course, with any rumours coming through the supposed supply chain, there should always be a healthy degree of scepticism. No leaks - either CAD designs nor renders - have shown up so far to indicate that this particular rumour has any validity. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on 12 August 2019.