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(Pocket-lint) - Apple is likely to launch a new version of the iPad mini soon and a new leak adds further weight to something we've suspected for a while: you shouldn't expect a radical redesign.

Previous rumours stated that the iPad mini 5 will be more a specifications update than an overhaul. It is said, therefore, to look exactly the same as the existing - almost four year-old - iPad mini 4.

And now we have visual evidence too. Photos of a leaked case and screen protector, alleged to be for the new iPad mini, have appeared on SlashLeaks.

If genuine, they show a similar shape and size, plus holes for ports in the same position as the current model.

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The screen protector also shows the hole for the Touch ID home button, putting to rest any lingering thoughts that Apple could adopt Face ID. That's doubled by the fact that the top of the protector has a solitary, small hole for the front-facing camera.

One small change is that the microphone port is in a different position (top-centre).

Of course, the case and protector shown could be fake. However, the pics match images of a similar (if not the same) case posted on 91mobiles, so it has pulled the wool over a fair few eyes if so.

We can't imagine we'll have too long to find out for sure anyway. Apple is hosting an event on 25 March for the possible launch of its video streaming service and is heavily tipped to want to get the hardware refreshes out of the way beforehand.

Expect to hear more in the next two weeks then.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 14 March 2019.