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(Pocket-lint) - When Apple announced that it was releasing a new version of its Smart Keyboard for the new iPad Pro that clung to the tablet with magnets, we didn't think too much of it.

But with no locking mechanism present, Apple has to ensure that the Smart Connector pins on the keyboard find their Smart Connector counterparts on the back of the iPad quickly and easily every time for the keyboard to work.

Our expectations were that Apple used one or two magnets to ensure the keyboard stays in place, but in what can only be described as precision overkill, Apple has, in fact, used over 90 magnets on the back of the new iPad Pro.

We found the plethora of magnets when we looked using special paper designed to let you find magnets that are hidden.

But it's not just the iPad Pro that has loads of magnets, the Smart Keyboard Folio also has dozens magnets, not only to line-up with the iPad, but so that it sticks to itself when folded.

Pocket-lintApples Ipad Pro Has A Staggering Number Of Magnets Inside image 2

Dubbed "field paper" the thin sheet of green "paper" is made from micro-encapsulated film which changes colour when it reacts to an external magnetic field allowing us to instantly and clearly see the position of the magnets under the iPad aluminium shell.  

As you can see from the pictures, Apple has littered the new 2018 iPad Pro with numerous magnets to ensure a perfect fit every time.

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The end result, as we found in our iPad Pro 12.9 review, is a case that not only fits perfectly every time but doesn't come off unless you give it a gentle pull.

Writing by Stuart Miles.