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(Pocket-lint) - After the Apple Watch Series 4 and gold iPhone XS leaked last week there's one missing upcoming Apple device that we haven't seen an official picture of; the new iPad Pro.  

So leaker OnLeaks has shared some probably-not-quite 100 percent accurate renders of the new iPad Pro including the 360-degree video you see above.

The device looks pretty much as expected, with a single camera on the back and super-thin bezels on the front. Within the top bezel is the Face ID-enabling TrueDepth camera setup; the bezels are still thick enough so no notch is required.

We are still expecting the iPad Pro to come in two sizes - the large 12.9-inch and the smaller 10.5-inch. The sides of the device as shown in the renders are squarer with rounded corners and antenna strips for the 4G model (rather than the antenna being hidden behind a black panel as with older/other iPads). It's a bit like the iPhone 5, 5S and iPhone SE in that respect. Also expect there to be no headphone jack. Once again there will be four speakers. 

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OnLeaksThis is what the new iPad Pro with Face ID will look like image 1

The render features a relocated smart connector, but we're not so sure about this. The render location means that the smart keyboard would have to be used vertically with the iPad and we're not sure users would be up for that as a permanent solution. Mind you, we're still not sure if Face ID will work in landscape mode - it doesn't on the iPhone X currently, after all. Will it on the iPad Pro? 

If we are going to get a new iPad Pro this year then there are two options (rather unsurprisingly, we'll grant you). Either they will debut at Apple's "Gather Round" event on 12 September, or we'll see them sometime in October. Possibly that later date would also involve the launch of a new MacBook Air replacement or new Mac mini, although we're still half expecting those models to appear next week as part of a super-big Apple launch. 

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Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 4 September 2018.