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(Pocket-lint) - We've known for some time that there will be a new iPad Pro later this year. And it's also pretty much nailed-on that the iPad Pro will have Face ID like the iPhone X and its successors. 

But we've wondered how exactly the iPad Pro will handle Face ID. It only works in portrait on the iPhone and so how might that play out on a tablet that is often unlocked and used in landscape mode? 

The answer is that it doesn't look like Face ID will work in landscape mode at all, which will provide a bit of an odd experience in our mind. After all, with the removal of Touch ID and the home button there must surely be some way to unlock the device in landscape save typing in your passcode.

Japanese blog Macotakara also reckons that the smart connector will move from the side to the bottom - although we don't believe that will be the case; we just don't see how it would work with a keyboard which is designed for landscape use. 

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The same rumours suggest the iPad Pro will be dumping the headphone jack, too. This one is much more believable. With more Apple users dumping 3.5mm wired headphones, it's surely time that the iPad Pro should go the same way as the iPhone 7 and later. 

Of course, the removal of the home button and headphone jack will mean that Apple is able to make the footprint of the devices smaller and introduce iPhone X-style bezels. 

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Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 30 July 2018.