Apple has just finished holding its now-annual spring event in California, where it announced a number of new products, including a budget iPhone, more portable iPad Pro, and a price drop for the Apple Watch.

You can watch the entire show unfold for yourself via Apple's live-stream page, or you can check out the videos below, each of which premiered during the company's keynote. They've just been published to Apple's YouTube channel, but we're waiting for a few more videos to go live this afternoon, such as the introduction video for the iPhone SE, among other things.

For now however you can watch Apple's compilation video celebrating the last 40 years of its existence (Apple will celebrate its birthday on 1 April), as well as a video showing off Liam, a robot used to rip apart old iPhones. There's even a video highlighting ResearchKit and how far it has come since debuting more than a year ago. The standout video of course is for the iPad Pro.

The new, 9.7-inch version of the tablet debuted during Apple's event and is set to go on pre-order 24 March, which you can read all about from here. In fact, while you're at it, tune into Pocket-lint's Apple hub for more related news.

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