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(Pocket-lint) - The Apple iPad mini 4 has been torn part from part in the inevitable teardown from the guys over at iFixit. As ever they've made some interesting discoveries.

The iPad mini 4 is thinner than its predecessor at 6.1mm rather than 7.5mm. One of the reasons for this is a smaller battery which some might complain about. But in true Apple style, by making the machine more efficient, that iPad mini 4 still offers the usual 10 hours expected from Apple tablets.

Another reason the new tablet has slimmed down to live up to that mini name is the screen. Apple has put in the same 7.9-inch LCD display but this time it's sealed the glass to the screen. While this makes for a slimmer iPad it's noted by the iFixit team that this will increase cost for fixing a cracked screen.

A second potential repair issue comes from the Lightning connector being soldered to the logic board. This could apparently result in an expensive fix if the pins become bent.

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Other specs discovered by the team include 2GB of LPDDR3 SDRAM and an NFC controller.

All in all the iFixit reparability score is a measly 2 out of 10, 10 being the easiest to repair. You'll just have to take more care of it.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.