Apple has unveiled its largest and most advanced iPad yet in the iPad Pro. But it's not just about size and smarts, there are other brand new features too.

So are these new features, including Apple's first Stylus and official keyboard case, enough to make this totally unique?

Apple appears to be going after the hybrid tablet-cum-laptop market here with a full power, large screen tablet. The company has even worked with the likes of Microsoft to develop bespoke software that works with the tablet's hardware.

So what are the best new features the iPad Pro has to offer?

Draw with the Pencil stylus

Despite Steve Jobs once saying "If you see a stylus, they blew it", the iPad Pro offers Apple's first - in the Pencil.

Apple5 things you can do on the apple ipad pro image 4

The Pencil offers a way to interact with that larger screen that both lay folk and professionals can take advantage of. So how does it work?

The Pencil features sensors that offer feedback to the tablet as it scans at twice the speed when in use. The Pencil can detect angle, position, force and tilt. The result is an ability to use pressure for darker lines or angle the stylus for thicker lines.

The Pencil will work with Microsoft Office for quick drawing of objects or annotations of documents.

Thanks to a built-in Lightning connector the Pencil can also charge directly from the iPad Pro, on the move.

The Pencil is available separately for $99.

Type using the Smart Keyboard

Despite having a huge screen to offer a decent touchscreen keyboard, Apple has introduced its Smart Keyboard case.

The case-cum-keyboard is very similar to Microsoft's Surface tablet offering. It acts as a magnetically sealed case, a fold up stand and a physical keyboard.

The Smart Keyboard connects to the iPad Pro using a magnetic link-up which allows for data transfer as well as power. iOS 9 uses a new QuickType feature to recognise when the keyboard is connected to work with it instantly.

The Smart Keyboard is available separately for $170.

Watch movies and multi-task better

Not only is the 12.9-inch iPad Pro Apple's largest screen but it has the most pixels of any iOS device at 5.6 million.

Apple5 things you can do on the apple ipad pro image 6

The resolution is 2732 x 2048 meaning 264ppi which, on a screen that size, is pretty decent.

This extra screen real estate should mean greater ease with multi-tasking as well as a better movie and TV show viewing experience. Multi-viewing apps side by side should be like having two iPads next to each other so dragging and dropping between apps can be made a lot easier.

Use the native powerful speakers

Another first for Apple has happened by cramming fours speakers into the body of the iPad Pro with their own shielded sections.

The result, claims Apple, is the best sound yet with over double the power of the iPad 2. This should mean you'll be able to watch movies, listen to music and watch TV right there on the iPad without needing to connect a speaker or headphones.

The speakers also fire out in four different directions so it could be used for group viewings and even when held should churn out sound without hands blocking all the speakers.

Work on anything with more power

The new 64-bit A9X processor in the iPad Pro puts it on a par with portable PCs, claims Apple. This is 1.8 times faster than the iPad Air 2 making it really powerful.

Combined with the stylus and keyboard, plus specialised Office suite and Adobe apps, this should make for a mobile PC alternative. Apple says even editing videos is simple thanks to the power this is kicking out.

On top of that the tablet has a 10-hour battery. We doubt that's the case when video editing but that's still impressive with a screen that size.

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