Apple has at last unveiled it iPad Pro, the biggest iPad yet at 12.9-inch.

This is the most powerful iOS device yet at 1.8 times faster than the iPad Air 2. The 64-bit A9X offers double the graphics speed as well as double read and write speed to storage. Apple says it's faster than 80 per cent of the portable PCS shipped in the last few months and graphically 90 per cent faster. 

The display, Apple says, is all about making itself into anything that it needs to be so the bigger it is the better it is for gaming, TV and movies and touch controls.

Using a full-sized type keyboard or a musical keyboard are now possible where before it may have been too small. 

Slide over, split view or picture in picture are all possible.

The display offers a 2732 x 2048 res screen for 5.6 million pixels, or 264ppi. More than a 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina.

For the first time in an Apple display there's a variable refresh rate to help save power.

The battery life, despite the larger screen should still be 10 hours according to Apple.

Another first is a four speaker audio setup for three times the volume of the iPad 2. That's crammed into a 6.9mm thin tablet that weighs 710g.

Apple has also introduced a dedicated physical iPad Pro keyboard that features Smart Connector for power and data via magnetic connection, called Smart Keyboard. This looks like an iPad case and doubles as a stand. iOS 9 also adapts to switch into physical keyboard when plugged in.

Apple has even added a stylus called Apple Pencil. The pencil makes the system scan twice as often for more points per stroke. The Pencil sensors work with the display for more accuracy including force, tilt and position. This is able to charge via the iPad Pro by plugging directly into the iPad Pro via Lightning port.

Apple has teamed up with Microsoft allowing for Office document annotations using the Pencil. Copy and pasting between Word and Excel, for example, is possible by split screening. Drawing shapes in PowerPoint automatically changes them into shapes, rough circles becoming accurate shapes for example.

Adobe has also begun offering access for touch controls. Moving objects and words are as easy as selecting and moving. You can even adjust photos, like changing a smile in a photo, using side-by-side with apps like Photoshop.

Pricing is 32GB at $799, 128GB at $959 and 128GB plus LTE for $1,079.

Apple Pencil will be $99 and the Smart Keyboard will cost $169. They will all land in November.