While demonstrating some of the new features coming to its mobile operating system, iOS, Apple has shown some functionality that's coming exclusively to iPad.

The iPad version of iOS 9 will not only have the same updated Siri and search services as coming to iPhone too, it will also get a QuickType keyboard and virtual trackpad. Plus, iPad users will be able to multitask with apps in two separate windows on screen at the same time. There will also be picture in picture video, so you can carry on watching a clip while checking emails, for example.

Slide over, where you can bring an extra windowed screen over the main view from the right-hand side of the iPad, will enable users to check out and use a second app while the other is still in the background. But on higher specified devices - currently just the iPad Air 2 - you will also be able to set each screen into locked split view mode, with both available on screen at the same time. Each can be independently scrolled through and interacted with as well.

Multitasking is also improved through an Aero style switcher that pops up on screen.

And QuickType adds the ability to scroll around the screen and edit and select items by simply swiping on the screen with two fingers rather than one. In that sense it works just like a MacBook trackpad.

Apple is yet to announce when iOS 9 will be fully available but it is expected to be released around September, when the next iPhone is rumoured to arrive.

A public beta version will be available in July though, so you will be able to try it out yourself ahead of time.