Apple has long been rumoured to release a larger 12-inch iPad Pro tablet with nothing appearing for a while, until now. A recent leak shows off an early render of the tablet making it the largest Apple has ever made.

The iPad Pro is expected to receive Intel's latest Broadwell processors which are estimated to arrive in time for WWDC 2015. This is also where Apple is expected to launch a 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro 2015 with the newest Intel Broadwell processors.

The lead iPad Pro render comes from serial leakster @OnLeaks who has been reliable in the past. It shows a tablet measuring 223 x 306 x 7.2mm and appears to feature the latest USB Type C as its single port. There appears to be a camera with no flash and dual speaker ports in both the bottom and top edges. There have been suggestions Apple will put the new MacBook's passively cooled motherboard in the iPad Pro.

Rumours suggest the iPad Pro will be priced somewhere between the iPad Air and MacBook Air.

Apple is expected to hold its World Wide Developer Conference from 12 June. If these devices do appear that soon we're not expecting them to be available immediately. That said when refreshing a new laptop Apple has historically released it soon after. 

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