Fancy turning your iPad into a holographic projector, seemingly able to float animated images in mid-air? You can with the HC Tablet device devised by hologram specialist Holocube.

Designed for use with an iPad Air 2, the HC Tablet is a case-like attachment made of fingerprint-resistant aluminium and features a transparent screen which images can be projected up onto.

As the screen is thin, it blends into the background, giving the impression that images are floating. And the device and software work with the iPad's accelerometer to enable the viewer to rotate around the 3D model in a real space.

Belgian company Holocube has several holographic display products in its line-up which are more than likely developed for the advertising industry. But it hasn't revealed its actual plans for the HC Tablet device and whether it will push for a more consumer release in the future.

The company has created a video of the HC Tablet in action, which you can watch through Vimeo and we think you'll agree that it's pretty impressive. Imagine two iPads and a multiplayer board game, for example, played in a 3D field? Now that would be something special.