Apple has been said to be building a larger, pro version of the iPad for more than a year now and it failed to materialise at the company's last unveiling event of the year. However, last week an unconfirmed blueprint of a 12.2-inch device was "leaked" and universally covered online, prompting new speculation over a prospective iPad Air Plus.

YouTube poster Canoopsy has taken things one step further in creating a mock-up of the device said to have overall dimensions of 305 x 220 x 7mm and comparing it to Apple's current family of phones and tablets.

It's a little smaller than a MacBook Pro - as you can see in his video - and essentially his comparison should be considered little more than a bit of fun. But should the blueprint be genuine and the device really is in Apple's plans for next year, the mock-up does make a convincing argument that the iPad Air Plus or iPad Air Pro - as some are taking to call it - could be a laptop replacement for many.

Apple has always maintained that a touchscreen on a notebook or desktop computer is unnecessary, so something to rival the Microsoft Surfaces of this world could be an alternative.

We suspect we'll have quite a while to wait to find out either way.

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