Apple is expected to unveil its new range of iPads including the iPad Air 2 at an event on 16 October. A recent supplier leak suggests the new iPad Air 2 will double the memory of its predecessor.

The iPad Air 2 should come with a powerful 2GB of memory smarts, according to third-party Apple service provider GeekBar. GeekBar also leaked the barometric pressure sensor in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus before they were released.

The memory will be the same Elpida RAM as the 1GB found in the iPad Air, whether it will also be DDR3 SDRAM is not clear. Last month a story from a Taiwan news site also reported this memory boost.

It appears that Apple isn't just boosting memory for the sake of it, there's also a rumour about more system intensive processes like split-screen multitasking. Apple will reportedly offer two apps running side-by-side where users can drag and drop data like photos or links between the windows – this could definitely use the extra RAM.

The last jump in memory came in the iPad 3 where it was boosted to 1GB, this has stayed the same for the iPad 4 and iPad Air. With mobiles toting 3GB of RAM now it seems about time for an iPad upgrade.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPad Air 2 with a new Retina iPad mini on 16 October. There are also rumours of an updated Mac Mini and Retina iMac.

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