It's official: Apple has an event scheduled for 16 October in Cupertino, where it is widely thought to show off a number of revamped products.

Apple unveiled the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus just last month at both the Flint Center and a separate white building the company built specifically for the event. That said, Apple's October event is being held at a much smaller venue on its campus, suggesting nothing too major will debut. Reports have instead speculated that Apple will use the event to introduce old products with spec bumps.

In fact, Apple's event invite teased "It's been too long", possibly signifying that it's been too long since Apple last updated a product or even several products. If you'd like to know more about what those products could be, as well as what that invite could really mean, keep reading.

iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro

Apple released iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina display in October last year, following the traditional tablet upgrade cycle of the Cupertino company. If rumours are accurate, it looks like those iPads will see upgrade at the 16 October event.

The next-generation iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina display are expected to feature faster A8 processors and support for Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor introduced with the iPhone 5S. The new iPad Air might even be available in gold and include a new anti-reflective laminated display.

The iPad Air 2 should come with a powerful 2GB of memory smarts, according to third-party Apple service provider GeekBar. The memory will be the same Elpida RAM as the 1GB found in the iPad Air, whether it will also be DDR3 SDRAM is not clear. Last month a story from a Taiwan news site also reported this memory boost.

The possibility of an iPad Pro has been long-rumoured as well. Apple is reportedly considering a 13-inch (or 12.9-inch to be precise) tablet, something that would entice both creative and business professionals who typically need bigger screens for better workflow.

And finally, Apple Pay could arrive alongside the updated iPads, meaning the new tablets should sport near-field communication.

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iMac with Retina display

Apple is supposedly testing a new version of the iMac, and it has a Retina display.

References in OS X Yosemite betas indicated Apple was developing a new line of iMacs with ultra high-resolution Retina displays. The desktop might debut at Apple's 16 October event, marking the first time Apple expanded Retina displays beyond mobile devices and MacBooks.

The Cupertino-based company introduced the Retina display with iPhone 4 in 2010 and then added it to MacBook Pros in 2012. Apart from the display upgrade, Apple reportedly kept the iMac's thin profile but included new internal hardware like improved Wi-Fi antennas.

The iMac with Retina display, which will reportedly come with a "5K" resolution of 5120 x 2880, might only be available in 27 inches. It could also feature AMD graphics and a Haswell processor. Next-generation Broadwell processors for the iMac won't be available until 2015.

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Mac Mini

It's nearly been two years since Apple updated the Mac Mini, and Apple's event invite teased that "It's been way too long". Does that mean Apple plans to finally update its small and forgotten desktop?

Rumors and leaks regarding the Mac Mini have been few and far between, but MacRumors, which has a decent track record when it comes to Apple rumours, claimed Apple is planning a Mac mini update alongside new iPad models at its 16 October event.

In addition, an update to a Boot Camp support document in July referenced a "mid-2014" Mac mini. This suggested a new Mac mini was coming. Some reports have wondered however if the company meant to update the Retina MacBook Pro version of the document following its July refresh.

There's no word yet on what the new Mac Mini could include or feature. But keep in mind the last update was modest, and at the moment, the entry-level Mac mini offers a 2.5GHz dual-core processor (Intel Ivy Bridge), 4GB RAM, 500GB hard drive, and Intel's HD Graphics 4000.

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OS X Yosemite

Apple released a second candidate golden master version of OS X Yosemite to developers in early October, meaning the final software for consumers will likely release soon. Golden master versions typically don't roll out until the very end of beta testing.

You can therefore expect OS X Yosemite to become publicly available after the 16 October event, according to the latest round of rumours and reports, especially if Apple uses the same event to show off new iMacs with Retina displays.

The company first debuted OS X Yosemite and released it to developers in June at WWDC 2014. Apple also released a public beta version to testers in July. The software introduces a revision to the user interface, incorporating a flatter visual appearance, among other things.

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What does "It's been too long" mean?

Simply put: Apple's invite is likely teasing that "it's been too long" since the company updated certain products, though that's just speculation.

Apple has several products that are in dire need of an upgrade, including some things that have been neglected for years. The company's Thunderbolt displays, for instance, haven't been updated in three years, and the Apple TV hasn't been updated in over two years.

The Mac Pro is possibly due for an annual spec bump, but Apple just overhauled the machine last autumn and will likely want to focus on other products such as the MacBook Air. Although it got a little update and a price cut last spring, a Retina display version is still highly desired by many.

Going back to Apple TV for a moment, Tim Cook, CEO at Apple, recently admitted during an interview that Apple is interested in TV. The company is allegedly even working on an upgraded Apple TV set-top box, new Apple TV set, and forging content partnerships with cable providers.

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What won't we see?

Recod reported that Apple may have a new MacBook Air with Retina display in the works, but it won’t be shown off at its 16 October event. The company will instead debut new iPads, a new iMac with Retina display, and OS X Yosemite. The news aligns with recent references in OS X Yosemite betas, which indicated Apple was developing a new line of iMacs with ultra high-resolution Retina displays.

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