Apple's 2015 iPad Pro, which is rumoured to arrive with a 12.9-inch screen, could come sporting the full Mac OS X operating system.

According to supply chain rumours, outed by Digitimes, Apple has two prototype versions of the iPad Pro currently in testing. One is supposed to feature iOS while the other features Mac OS X making it a hybrid style device.

We're taking this rumour with a large helping of salt as Digitimes doesn't have a great track record. On top of this Apple has said, numerous times, that it won't be creating a unifying operating system. But then it wouldn't say if it was, would it? Also Apple once said phablets weren't going to happen and that it would never bother making a smaller tablet – both of these are now here.

Apple has also got patents in the public domain that show Macs with touchscreen displays, suggesting the operating system is being altered for touchscreens. Apple is also thought to be integrating Siri ever deeper into the Mac OS, making it even more ideal for a mouse and keyboard free tablet experience.

Apple has introduced more features on the latest Max OS X 10.10 Yosemite that integrate it with iOS 8. But to make the leap and create a single unifying OS is a huge assumption – especially after Microsoft's efforts.

We'd like to believe this is going to happen. But since the iPad Pro isn't even certain at this stage we're not holding our breath.

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