Apple's rumoured 21 October event might actually be held on 16 October, it's claimed.

According to Recode, a tech site with a great track record when it comes to Apple news, Apple has more new products to unveil in 2015 and plans to debut them at an event on 16 October. Other tech websites, such as Apple Insider, have also claimed major new products from Apple are expected during the second half of October. The Daily Dot recently even asserted Apple would hold its next event on 21 October.

Apple could introduce the sixth-generation iPad and the third-edition iPad Mini at the event. Rumoured new features for the iPads include a faster A8 processor, anti-reflective display, and a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Apple might also update the iMac with a Retina display and release OS X Yosemite - the next version of the Mac operating system - immediately after the event. But all that's just speculation.

Recode predicted that the October event will mostly be for new iPads, and that it will be a "laid-back affair" held at the Town Hall Auditorium in Cupertino. There will also be no mysterious white structures involved as well. For the iPhone event last month, Apple cloaked the outside of the auditorium in a white barricade for unknown reasons apart from heightened secrecy. 

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