The Apple rumour mill is back up to speed following the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Watch announcements. This time it's about tablets as the iPad Air 2 and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro leak.

Sources of Taiwan based tech site Technews have reportedly been privy to iPad Pro specs. According to these insiders the iPad Pro will be a 12.9-inch tablet that's not only literally bigger but will also grow in speed thanks to a new A8X processor.

This new chip is claimed to be there to help the GPU handle the larger screen size and higher resolution. Previous rumours did point towards a 4K screen, but knowing Apple it won't be that huge a jump.

Despite the A5 and A6 processors getting A5X and A6X follow-ups, the A7 from 2013 didn't get an A7X. Now that the iPhones are on the A8 generation of chips it's claimed the next X will come in an A8X found in the iPad Pro. This same processor apparently won't appear in the iPad Air 2, which should come with the latest A8 chip instead.

The source claims the iPad Air 2 will feature 2GB of RAM so hopefully the same will appear in the iPad Pro.

The Apple iPad Pro is expected to arrive from April 2015.

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