Apple has dominated the media lately with the arrival of its new iPhones and although the two devices have now hit the shelves, if you thought you'd heard the last from the company for a few months, think again.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were both rumoured for months before they were officially unveiled and now its time for the next-generation of iPads to get their share of the speculation pie.

Here we are rounding up all the rumours surrounding the expected 2014 models of the Apple iPad and as usual, we will update this feature when as leaks appear, so keep checking back.

Apple has sent out invites for an event on 16 October where it is expected to unveil a new iPad Air and iPad mini.

Apple's iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display were released in October last year, following the traditional tablet upgrade cycle of the Cupertino company. If rumours are accurate, it looks like the new iPads will see another October release.

Apple Insider claimed a person familiar with Apple's pre-launch logistics has said major new Apple products are expected to debut the second half of October.

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The Daily Dot, another tech website, then claimed the next event will be 21 October where two new iPads, along with the release of OS X Yosemite are said to be expected but that date is now a distant rumour after Apple sent out invites for an event on 16 October.

The invite comes with the tagline: "It's been way too long" and it will kick off around 10AM PST at the Town Hall auditorium on Apple's Cupertino headquarters campus.

If Apple follows its usual design patterns, it's likely we won't see too much of a difference in build with the new iPads, although it has been suggested that Touch ID will be coming to the new models.

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Reports have claimed the larger iPad will see more improvements than the iPad mini, such as a thinner build and gold-coloured metal casing, while the iPad mini might just receive the Touch ID and nothing else in terms of specs. TLD got its hands on what it claims is a dummy model of the iPad Air 2 and it measured it at 6.26mm, which is just over a millimetre slimmer than the current model.

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There have been numerous images appear online with dummy models to back up the Touch ID claim and there have also been some images to suggest the iPad Air 2 will come with a new volume rocker button design, along with a single line of holes to represent the speaker grille rather than the current double row.

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More recently, a report allegedly created from sources inside Apple claims the new iPad Air 2 will use a different screen manufacturing technique to slim down the tablet, which is said to be 0.5mm thinner than the current iPad Air. The same report also claimed the mute/vibration button would be removed and the volume rockers would be more inset.

The next generation Apple iPad Air is rumoured to be coming with an anti-reflective display, which if true, would mean reading and viewing in bright conditions such as direct sunlight should be a lot easier.

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When it comes to resolution, reports have suggested Apple will be sticking with the same 2560 x 1536 display for the 9.7-inch and 7.9-inch models. Bumping up the resolution seems unlikely. Not only has no one else really strayed higher than this resoltion, but having bumped up the iPhones, Apple would then be asking developers to cater for yet more changes in the iPad.

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There have been claims to suggest the display will be integrated into the front panel on the iPad Air however, which if true, would give Apple the capacity to make the device slightly slimmer.

According to the latest rumour, the display should be a fully laminated screen meaning the LCD and glass are a single piece, like the iPhones. This process should result in the thinnest iPad yet.

Rumours have been scarce surrounding the next-generation iPads but the camera has been talked about in the speculation, with talks claiming Apple will be increasing the 5-megapixel snapper on the iPad Air to an 8-megapixel offering.

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The front-facing camera is also reported to be taking a very slight step up from 1.2-megapixels to 1.5-megapixels but as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are both 1.2-megapixels, we would be more inclined to put our money on Apple sticking with this resolution rather than increasing it.

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If Apple do upgrade the cameras on the iPad Air 2, we would expect the technology within the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to be transferred across to the tablets, such as autofocus with Focus Pixel and the Auto HDR on selfies for example, along with those other elements introduced with iOS 8, of course.

We doubt Apple would add optical image stabilisation. The additional size and costs involved probably wouldn't be justified. The front facing camera is reportedly getting updated to a FaceTime HD camera capable of recording 720p video however.

Apple is expected to upgrade the RAM in the iPad Air 2. The memory, according to a supplier leak, will be the same Elpida RAM as the 1GB found in the iPad Air but this will be 2GB, whether it will also be DDR3 SDRAM is not clear. Last month a story from a Taiwan news site also reported this memory boost.

Rumour has it the A8 chip that Apple announced for the latest iPhones will be making its way to the iPad Air 2 and despite reports suggesting it won't come to the iPad mini 3, we would be surprised if it didn't.

The new processor is said to increase battery life and overall speed so it is almost certain Apple will put it into the iPad Air 2 at least. After all, it will be the next-generation iPad so there have to be a couple of upgrades here and there.

When it comes to storage, the latest rumour suggests there might only be 32GB, 64GB and 128GB options, with no more 16GB model.

The software is probably the only thing in this feature that is certain. The next-generation iPads will undoubtedly come with the latest iOS 8 software.

This will mean the new tablets will come with a whole manner of new features including allowing you to find out which apps are using the most battery, HealthKit and the ability to add third party keyboards.

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As usual Apple hasn't confirmed any details to do with the next generation iPads, not even their names, but we would suspect an October announcement with a November release date wouldn't be too far off the mark.

In terms of specs, the A8 processor is likely to be on board and iOS 8 software is the detail to put your bets on but apart from that, the leaks so far have been too thin on the ground to offer anything concrete.

An upgraded rear camera, Touch ID and a anti-reflective display for the iPad Air 2 all seem like plausible improvements, as does a slightly slimmed down but similar looking design, but for now, it is a wait and see game.

If you head to the gallery below, you can see a round up of some of the images that have been published online with so-called dummy models, to give you an idea of what might be coming on 16 October and we will update this feature as more details surface.