The first alleged photos of internal components designed for the Apple iPad Air 2 have surfaced, reportedly revealing parts like flex cables and antennas for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

French blog iPhonote claimed the photos are from an unnamed source who has connections to a Shenzhen parts supplier. The most notable leak (above) appears to show multiple flex cables destined for the iPad Air 2's communications area. More specifically, it is likely a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi antenna assembly, while the smaller bit shown is probably a GPS antenna.

Reports have said that the GPS antenna pictured is largely unchanged from the current design (apart from some minor changes to the metal shielding), echoing rumours that Apple plans to keep its internal layout basically the same. That said, another photo appears to focus on a redesigned microphone connector and some sort of grounded interconnect.

These newly-leaked images might not seem that interesting at first blush, but they could be solid proof that Apple is actually planning an iPad Air refresh. Speculation has claimed Apple wants to give the next version of its tablet a 2 GB of RAM spec bump, larger speaker holes, and recessed volume buttons, among other smaller changes.

There's no clue when Apple's iPad Air 2 might unveil, but some are pointing to the iPhone launch event expected next month. It might even unveil a month later. Apple unveiled the first iPad Air in October 2013, after all.