Apple is said to be unveiling a new iPad and iPad mini later this year. Both should feature a new anti-reflection coating.

The report, from insider sources talking to Bloomberg, says that Apple's weakness right now is in the tablet market. Apparently that weakness is the ability to read the tablet in daylight. This new anti-reflection coating should get rid of glare lines making outdoor tablet reading much easier.

Competition from the comparatively super-affordable ereader market is probably an issue for Apple. By capturing people who would otherwise have bought an ereader Apple will be able to sell even more iPads. This new coating should help to achieve that goal.

The Bloomberg source claims that these two new iPads will arrive later this year.

Apple is expected to launch its iPhone 6 and a larger iPhone Air in September. Each will come with a plethora of health and environmental sensors. There maybe also be an unveiling of the iWatch. The new iPads would likely also have the new sensors making them compatible with the iWatch too.

Expect the Apple iPhone 6 to arrive in September with the iPad to follow later in the year.

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