A picture has appeared online that claims to show an iPhone 6, iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2 stacked on top of each other, each with Apple's Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

The "spy shot" was published by Taiwanese website Apple Club , but with little explanation of where it came from. Other shots have already started to appear of a purported second generation iPad Air, which claim Apple is looking to include its fingerprint security system on devices other than iPhone, but this is the first photo to show an alleged next-gen iPad mini featuring one.

We have to admit we have a few reservations about the pic. For a start, the "iPhone 6" shown looks like it's made of rubber. And the iPad Air 2's Touch ID sensor looks like it is raised above the device, unlike the one on the iPad mini 3.

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Perhaps these are just pre-production prototypes rather than genuine articles. Or perhaps they have been made by an enthusiastic rubber sculptor with an Apple fetish.

We'll leave it for you to decide.