Apple looks set to "borrow" an idea from Microsoft by adding split-window multitasking to its latest iOS 8 operating system.

According to sources of 9to5mac this update will allow users to run two iPad apps at once side-by-side. The Microsoft Surface currently lets users "snap" windows next to each other and even allows for a third and two-third split.

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Perhaps this update from Apple has come after Microsoft created an advert that specifically compared the iPad's inability to run two apps with its Surface. This is a great feature for enterprise users who Apple may be targeting more aggressively.

The source claims that rather than simply running two apps next to one another this update will allow for easier interaction. So users should be able to drag text or images from one app into another more easily.

The feature is being designed for the 9.7-inch iPad but may also work on the smaller iPad Mini. It will only work in landscape mode to offer the most screen space, says the source.

iOS 8 should also bring Apple's Healthbook application which will work with fitness devices. It is also expected to have improved iCloud, and better Maps.