Apple's iPad Air was released today and already it's been torn up and had its innards put on display to the world. The culprit, iFixit, has taken an in-depth look inside the beast and revealed some new information.

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Dismantling the iPad Air has revealed that the battery has had a change in this generation. Previously there was a three cell, 43 WHr unit. That's been replaced by a two cell, 32.9 WHr battery. And that's powering the same screen with the same battery life. Well done Apple - that A7 chip must leave spare power so the battery can be downsized and is probably also cheaper for Apple to make as it now has fewer parts.

The A7 chip is backed by a meagre 1GB of RAM but the RF components, which include a Qualcomm LTE processor, also get 1GB of dedicated RAM - resulting in a brilliant LTE connectivity ability.

The only negative, which can be expected from any Apple device these days, is a repairability score of just 2 out of 10. But we all know Apple prefers to leave the tinkering to its geniuses - and if it means we get a slimmer device as a result we can't complain.