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(Pocket-lint) - Sales of Apple's anticipated iPad Air kicked-off around the globe on Friday, starting in Sydney, Australia where the clock has hit 8am and Apple stores have opened up.

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Several photos have surfaced across social media from Apple's flagship Sydney Apple store. A photo from Peter Marks showed the first iPad Air customer in Sydney, and if we're not mistaken, this marks the first official iPad Air customer worldwide. What a celebrity. 

ipad air sales begin rolling across the globe as we wait for retina ipad mini image 2

With sales already kicked-off in Sydney, the clock strikes 8am in other countries and more Apple Stores begin opening up around the world. Apple Geniuses have prepared their stores to highlight the new iPad and have stocked tablets full to handle the hoard of customers seeking their tablet fix. Reporting on hand from Australia, CNET noted the line seemed noticeably shorter than for the iPhone 5S launch in September. "Still several hundred people stood in a queue that stretched around the block", which is expected for an Apple launch. 

It's unclear how many new iPad Airs the company plans to sell. We still don't have a release date for the new iPad mini, which packs a display upgraded with Retina quality. Apple puts out first weekend sales numbers at 8:30am EST on Monday morning, so we'll be tracking the number closely to see how the company performed even without its upgraded iPad mini. 

ipad air sales begin rolling across the globe as we wait for retina ipad mini image 3

As well as physical stores opening, the Apple Online stores in several countries have begun to go online with the iPad Air in stock. The iPad Air in Hong Kong may have even sold out. Shipping times in the country began at one to two weeks, then quickly to changed to “currently unavailable”.

Online sales begin in the US at midnight, with stores opening in the US and UK at 8am. Will you be in line?

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Writing by Jake Smith.