We wait anxiously for 22 October, when Apple is expected to be announcing the next-generation iPad mini, but the whirlwind of rumours continues.

We've rounded up all the iPad mini 2 rumours, which have been circulating over the last few months to try to provide a glimpse of what details we might see appearing with the new iPad mini 2.

iPad mini 2 release date

The rumours regarding the new iPad mini have almost always pointed towards an October launch date, although there was some talk of April which would have been a fair estimate in previous years. But April obviously didn't happen and those who predicted October seem to have hit the nail on the head in this instance.

Back in February, we reported that Jeremy Horowitz of iLounge saying the next-generation iPad mini was codenamed J85 and was set for an October release.

It is now October, an Apple media event is about to happen and while we don't know for certain that a new iPad mini will be joining Apple's tablet line-up, we think it is pretty likely.

If last year is anything to go by, we can expect to see a new iPad mini hitting the shops in November as the original iPad mini arrived very shortly after its announcement.

iPad mini 2 display

One of the main criticisms of the iPad mini was its display - or lack of Retina display, more to the point. But that's all set to change for the new iPad mini, or so rumour would have it. 

The new iPad mini 2 is said to be coming with a 7.9-inch 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution display, according to BrightWire. This would mean the new iPad mini would come with a pixel density of 324ppi which would be four times that of the iPad mini we know today, the highest resolution around for a tablet of this size.

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Digitimes claimed in July that Apple was considering introducing a Retina display to the mini 2 and was supposedly prodding upstream supply partners to reduce the bezel. The Taiwanese news website claimed Apple prefered a bezel-less design like that of "Samsung and HTC's large-size smartphones" and also reported that LG Display would be the manufacturer.

However, although The Wall Street Journal supported the rumour of a Retina display for the iPad mini 2, it claimed that Samsung would be the supplier, contradicting the Digitimes suggestion.

iPad mini 2 build

There have been a number of rumours speculating on what the iPad mini 2 will look like, with the first we wrote about coming from Dutch website MobiLeaks back in May. MobiLeaks published a render created by a tipster based on the leaked specifications. The iPad mini 2 was thought to be coming with the same display as the previous iPad mini, but with a Retina-display as part of the make-up.

apple ipad mini 2 rumours release date and everything you need to know image 2

MobiLeaks also claimed the next-generation iPad mini would come in at 7.5mm thick, which would make it 0.3mm thicker than the current model. Japanese blog Macotakara supported MobiLeaks claim, and added that the extra thickness will be a result of Apple including a Retina display in the new model, as well as expecting its width to increase by 0.2mm too.

The current iPad mini measures 200 x 134.7 x 7.2mm and weighs 308g - meaning that if MobiLeaks and Macotakara are right, the iPad mini 2 would measure 200 x 134.9 x 7.5mm.

There was also a rumour circulating about a variety of colours for the iPad mini 2, similar to what Apple did with the iPod touch. The Wall Street Journal didn't name specific colours but if history repeats itself, we could see slate, silver, purple, pink, yellow, green and red gracing the iPad mini 2 backplate.

apple ipad mini 2 rumours release date and everything you need to know image 3

Although if a leaked image later published by NowhereElse.fr is to be believed, the chance of brighter colours like the iPod touch could be destroyed. The publication posted images claiming to be the rear shell of the iPad mini 2 in the space grey colour option recently launched on the iPhone 5S.

apple ipad mini 2 rumours release date and everything you need to know image 4

This was followed by a few renders by Martin Hajek of what the iPad mini 2 would look like in the gold colour, which also debuted on the iPhone 5S.

apple ipad mini 2 rumours release date and everything you need to know image 7

Although renders don't provide any concrete evidence of Apple launching these colours for the next-generation mini, it isn't beyond the realms of possibility as a couple of images also emerged from China not long after the renders, showing the alleged iPad mini 2 in gold with a fingerprint scanner.

apple ipad mini 2 rumours release date and everything you need to know image 9

Sonny Dickson sourced a number of images which were allegedly of the new iPad mini 2 shell casing. The images revealed pretty much nothing new for the next-generation iPad mini in terms of rear aesthetics with all the buttons and elements remaining in the same place as the current iPad mini, suggesting it will be in the inner specs that will see an upgrade instead.

iPad mini 2 camera

MobiLeaks claimed the iPad mini 2 would be coming with a 8-megapixel camera on the rear and a 2-megapixel camera on the front, which is what the iPhone 5S currently offers, and what the iPad is also rumoured to be launching with.

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The rumour of an upgraded camera for the iPad mini 2 was also supported by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who said we would be seeing an 8-megapixel camera on the iPad mini 2, meaning a significant improvement from the 5-megapixel offering on the current iPad mini.

Although it has not been directly speculated, it could mean the new iPad mini will come with the same camera featured in the iPhone 5S, which sports a f/2.2 aperture lens to allow in more light. We found to be very good in low-light conditions, so we will keep our fingers crossed the technology will translate into the iPad range.

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iPad mini 2 storage and processor

It was thought by some that the next iPad mini would be coming with the Apple A6X processor, but MobiLeaks said in May its tipster wasn't so sure, suggesting Apple might go for the new A7 chip instead, which debuted on the iPhone 5S.

However, we suspect this is unlikely as it would be leaping up by two processors instead of one. Therefore we expect the next iPad mini will be coming with an A6 processor, making it the same as the iPad 4 and giving it a performance boost over the current iPad mini, while keeping the price in check.

There is also said to be storage options of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB for the new iPad mini 2, which we also expect will be the case.


We expect Apple to launch a next-generation iPad mini at the media event on 22 October, and bring a Retina display with it. We also expect the storage capacities to come in at 16GB, 32GB and 64GB options, but we would take an educated guess that the processor will be the A6.

In terms of an upgraded camera and colour options, we aren't holding out too much hope for multiple colours, but we can see a high possibility of the iPhone 5S's colour scheme being made available and while an upgraded camera would be make sense, we wouldn't bet our lives on it.

But enough with the guessing and what ifs, it's time to wait and see.

We will keep you posted.