As if tempting the rumour gods, we wrote a story yesterday about the iPad 5 coming with a new smart cover and a fingerprint scanner. And now a picture has appeared online showing the Touch ID scanner found on the iPhone 5S here on Apple's fifth-generation iPad. Or so the Chinese source claims.

With word of an Apple event on 22 October this would be the right time for manufacturer leaks to start slipping out. And using the Touch ID scanner in its latest flagship iPad 5 would make sense for Apple. And the thinner bezel does seem to confirm rumours that the new full-size iPad will follow the design form of the iPad Mini.

Yet we're taking it with a whole handful of salt as the picture doesn't show much and the button could be a fake. Yet the move to include easier unlocking and better security on the iPad 5 does make sense.

Keep an eye on the news for updates as we get them on this and the Apple event on 22 October.