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(Pocket-lint) - When Apple includes a Retina display on the second-generation iPad mini at the end of this month, the tablet will increase in thickness. Japanese blog Macotakra says Apple will use a thickness of 7.5mm on its new tablet, 0.3mm more than the iPad mini currently available on the market. The width will increase as well, 0.2mm wider on the new iPad mini compared to the first-generation. This could pose problems using old cases with new hardware. 

Apple made a similar move when it unveiled the iPad 3 - the first iPad to encompass a Retina display - so we're not too surprised. Obviously, there's more technology that goes into powering such a powerful display. The third-generation iPad increased by 0.6mm over the iPad 2 when a Retina display was included. It's not just the screen tech that increases the thickness - battery and other technical aspects have to be taken into consideration, too.  

Macotakra sources its information from a China technology expo where many exhibitors were showing off iPad mini 2 cases. It's widely expected Apple keeps a similar design for the iPad mini 2, but now we know it will be a tad thicker. The question is: will it be noticeable to the human eye? Apple should answer our questions at the rumoured 22 October media event.

Writing by Jake Smith. Originally published on 14 October 2013.