We're already expected Apple to unveil the latest iPad on October 22, but now we're expecting to see a new Smart Cover too. Since the fifth generation iPad is rumoured, by suppliers, to adopt the form factor of the iPad Mini, old cases won't fit the latest Apple slate.

This is a typically Apple move, not only to sell more Smart Covers, but also to help its third-party accessory makers to keep churning out new add-ons. But from a less cynical perspective it's also a great time to take the now old Smart Cover into a new generation.

So other than a size change what could Apple include? Perhaps a window in the cover like Samsung has done with its S View covers. Maybe a hole to allow Touch ID fingerprint access for quick unlocking when opening - presuming the new iPad gets the scanner. Perhaps Apple will also mimic the fabric design on the iPad Mini Smart Covers. Perhaps a keyboard cover like on the Microsoft Surface? And an out there idea - a low-powered E Ink display for notifications with the cover closed. What would you like to see?

The iPad 5 itself is rumoured to be up to an inch narrower and to come in the silver, gold and space grey colours of the iPhone 5S as well as featuring the same 64-bit A7 processor.