Apple's big September event to detail its new iPhones and iOS 7 apparently wasn't enough for the company. Tim Cook and Co. have plans to hold a 22 October media event, according to AllThingsD, where their latest products are set to be unveiled. Does 22 October sound familiar? That's the date for Nokia's tablet event and when Microsoft will release its Surface 2. Apple doesn't care. 

If reports out of the media over the past few months are to be believed , a new full-sized iPad, iPad mini and additions to the Mac line, like the new Mac Pro, are expected. OS X Mavericks is expected to get a release date too, after being tested by developers over the summer. It's not yet clear where Apple's October event will be held, but AllThingsD has correctly pegged Apple events in the past so we'll file this as very likely.

Circulating rumours indicate the fifth-generation iPad will feature a design similar to the first iPad mini and faster speeds thanks to Apple's new 64 bit A7 chip. Touch ID and an improved camera are also tipped. For the iPad mini things will get Retina-y, with the A7 chip as well. 

We're standing by for Apple's official confirmation and more information. In the meantime, read our roundup of what's expected from the event