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(Pocket-lint) - A new video on YouTube claims to show leaked parts for the iPad 5, compared to older iPad versions including the iPad 4 and iPad mini. The information comes courtesy of Chinese parts supplier sw-box.com, which has got its hands-on the rumoured space grey enclosure of the iPad 5 that matches the new iPhone 5S.

Parts suppliers have been an abundant source of Apple information in the past. The latest video takes a lot of what we've seen and heard before, and does a really good job of making comparisons. You'll notice a very similar design to the iPad mini - thinner and more compact.

The first-generation iPad mini, released in October last year, is 7.2mm thick, or 23 per cent thinner than the full-sized iPad and 0.68lbs lighter, or 53 per cent. While we don't expect the full-sized iPad to reach those metrics, it should decrease a considerable amount. 

You aren't able to gain any information about iPad 5 internals from the video, but everything you need to know about the outside of the tablet is highlighted.

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Apple is rumoured to be holding a 15 October media event to unveil a new iPad and iPad mini. An October event would make two events for Apple in the second half of the year, following its big iPhone and iOS 7 event in September. 

Writing by Jake Smith.