A couple of pictures of what is alleged to be an iPad mini 2 have emerged from China, the country that has been the source of many an accurate Apple leak in recent times - but also plenty of bogus ones.

If true, they show a couple of interesting things. First, the new version of the 7.9-inch tablet will also come in gold, or Champagne as Apple likes to call it. The company offers that colour scheme as one of its three iPhone 5S options so this does make sense, of sorts.

The second revelation shown in the pictures is that the next iPad mini 2 is alleged to come with a fingerprint scanner - again, first introduced as part of the iPhone 5S.

ipad mini 2 coming in gold too leaked pics suggest so image 2

This might be a load of Photoshopped nonsense, of course. But neither fact is beyond the realms of possibility.

What is more worrying is that there are some strong rumours emerging that the iPad mini 2 may not arrive this year at all. Some suggest that we will get an iPad 5 in the next month, but the smaller device with a Retina-display refresh will have to wait until 2014.