Reports have appeared online claiming that the next iPad, currently known as the iPad 5, will come with the same light and thin screen found on the iPad mini.

That's not to say Apple will be ditching the Retina display technology, far from it. It's just the touch-panel technology that will be utilised - the same tech that makes the smaller tablet device weigh so little in comparison with former Apple models.

Apple's Asian suppliers are currently working on film- rather than glass-based touch-panels for the next iPad, according to "people with knowledge of the matter". The Wall Street Journal reports that its sources say these new panels are in construction and are lighter and thinner than those previously used.

The US paper doesn't go into any more detail, save for the fact that an Apple spokesperson declined to comment. It is not known when the company might launch a new iPad or iPads. It is currently rumoured to be holding a press event on 10 September to announce a new iPhone or iPhones, however.