While we've been enjoying Apple's iPad mini only since November, you bet rumours for the next-generation are heating up. Many reviews of the first-generation iPad mini critiqued its missing Retina display, but that looks like it's soon to change. 

Apple is set to include a 7.9-inch, 2048x1536 pixel display on the second-generation iPad mini, according to investment news wire BrightWire. A little math tells us that's four times the pixel density than that of the iPad mini currently available on the market, giving customers some sweet Retina lovin'. 

Past reports have pinned the second-generation iPad as looking and feeling close to the current-generation, besides the screen. Jeremy Horowitz of iLounge has reported that the second-generation iPad mini is codenamed “J85” and is set for an October release. 

At $299, the iPad mini combined with a Retina display could be a serious draw for some customers. For developers, the 2048x1536 pixel density is that of the 10-inch iPad, meaning no customisations would be needed to make apps display properly. 

Of course, Apple rumours are bound to change... or just be flat-out wrong. With nine months left for the expected announcement of the iPad mini, expect new information to keep flowing in an abundance.