It's claimed Apple will be enhancing the resolution of the next iPad mini and the iPad 5 will feature a substantially lighter build, making it easier to hold for prolonged periods.

Backlighting suppliers in Taiwan have been loose lipped in regard to Apple's plans for its tablet range, and sources from within that sector have pointed to interesting develops for the company's products.

Digitimes reports those sources as saying the next-generation iPad mini will come with an enhanced resolution. They fall short of confirming that this will involve a Retina display, but it is the likely option.

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Of course, this will come as no shock to anyone who was surprised by the absence of the screen technology on this year's iPad mini. Apple decided against its use in order to keep the 7.9-inch device's price at a manageable level. Presumably, if the sources are to be believed, suppliers are now quoting manufacture of the high-resolution panels at a cheaper rate.

The iPad 5's lighter build, say the sources, will come about as Apple looks to ditch one of the two LED backlighting bars normally found in the iPad in favour of one. This will "decrease the device's overall weight".