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(Pocket-lint) - Want to buy an iPad mini? Had a look on the UK Apple Store online and it's saying you'll have to wait two weeks before dispatch? Just pop down to the flagship Apple Store in London's Regent Street and you'll be able to walk right in, purchase your new tablet, and be home in time for tea.

Unlike the frenzied scenes outside the very same shop on iPhone 5 release day, today's launch of the iPad mini is positively civilised. There's no queue to speak of, no press lurking outside ready to pounce on fanboys as they emerge into the light with their new device, and there's not a lot for the store security to worry about.

Pocket-lint has visited the store in the heart of London today and, while there's plenty of activity around the iPad mini area, with eager shoppers checking out the 7.9-inch tablet's curves, there's less of a scramble at the tills.

That's not to say we haven't seen people buying iPad minis, quite the opposite, and while we were standing outside the store on a 5-minute phone call, around a dozen people walked out with iPad mini-sized bags, it is just that it doesn't look as if Apple's Regent Street branch will run out of stock any time soon.

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This can't be good news for those who rushed to pre-order their devices, however. After a very short time, the 16GB versions moved from delivery on day of release to "two weeks", meaning a majority will have to wait another week at least to get their shiny new devices.

Writing by Rik Henderson.