(Pocket-lint) - Despite reports to the contrary, Apple has continued to use Samsung glass displays in its new iPad mini, while the inclusion of stereo speakers has also been confirmed.

The discovery was made when iFixit.com systematically took an iPad mini apart, examining the components found inside. 

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After prising open the front of the iPad mini, which is now on-sale, iFixit found that the LCD display, which offers a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, was indeed manufactured by Apple’s Korean rival.

Though Apple has a long tradition of using multiple suppliers for component parts – LG and Sharp are both said to have provided panel displays for the iPad mini – reports had suggested that relations between Apple and Samsung had soured to a point where components would no longer be shared between the two.

Samsung and Apple have been involved in a long-running court battle over infringement rights surrounding their respective tablet ranges, the Galaxy Tab and iPad.

Apple has only recently been ordered to run a new apology to Samsung on the homepage of its UK website.

However, this teardown of the iPad mini suggests Apple and Samsung have been able to put their differences aside.

By taking the iPad mini apart, iFixit also found that the iPad mini does indeed house stereo, rather than mono, speakers, along with a dual-core A5 processor.

Amazon recently listed an advert comparing its own Kindle Fire HD against the iPad mini, citing the latter as having only a single mono speaker.

Apple has since come out to deny this, claiming that its iPad mini does have stereo speakers, as iFixit confirms. 

The iFixit teardown also revealed that though a damaged display should prove to be easily replaced, on account of the glass not being fixed to the display, other components are soldered together making it far more difficult to replace a damaged Lighting connector, for example.

You have been warned.

Writing by Danny Brogan.