(Pocket-lint) - The iPad mini event is upon us - or certainly what is generally accepted to be the announcement of a smaller Apple iPad. Of course, the fun isn't over yet, though. While the iPad mini or iPad go or iPad play or whatever Tim Cook and team decide to name it, will be the star of the show, there are one or two other products that are expected to see the light of day.

Regardless of just how many products we see - the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, a new iMac, a refreshed Mac mini, a UK-friendly 4G iPad - which is the announcement that we should be looking forward to the most, and what is it that we wish Apple would come up with instead? This is what the good team Pocket-lint has to say on the matter.

Chris Hall, Editor

Most looking forward to:
I'm most looking forward to the iPad mini announcement. Having used plenty of Android devices at 7 inches, there's a compelling argument for a tablet this size: its size and weight makes it highly portable and it’s perfect for travel, so you can take your movies on the move without the larger format of the current iPad.

A smaller device might just slip into your pocket and, seeing as the iPhone 5 is still a little on the small side when it comes to display inches, it would be a real bonus to the Apple system. It needs to be affordable though: price it right and smaller iPads would fly.

Wish Tim Cook would say:
I wish Tim Cook would say Apple has decided to relax a little and stick a microSD card slot on everything, bringing expandable memory and realistic prices. Let's face it, Apple has enough cash already, but the rest of the world doesn't. The iPhone 5SD would be a philanthropic gesture from the tech giant.

Mike Lowe, Contributing Editor

Most looking forward to:
The 13-inch MacBook Pro. It should be at a more sensible price point than the 15-inch version and, if rumours are true, the resolution will be nothing short of awesome. Perfect for on-the-go work/fun/whatever it is that you do. So long as the battery is up to it.

The iPad mini has a lot of work to do because it's expected to be rather pricey, and the crossover between large-screen phone devices and tablets - think Note 2 and Nexus 7 - is ever-blurring. The iPad mini is Apple's answer to that space, but do we really need one? Time will tell...

Wish Tim Cook would say:
A sudden announcement of iOS 6.1 that will reintroduce Google maps with immediate effect. Available *right now*. But, no, that's just not gonna happen.

Rik Henderson, Editor of News

Most looking forward to:
The Apple announcement I’m most looking forward to at this particular event is the iPad mini. Boring that may be, but I can generally see a reason for a smaller version and not just because it fits in women’s handbags - as many people are alluding to.

I think it will be the ideal device for the family unit, sitting in the living room for all to share. A 9.7-inch iPad is too unwieldy to use as a universal media controller whereas the iPad mini would be perfect for such a task. Slap on a Sonos controller and the like and it would become pivotal in a modern family environment. It’s also small and portable enough to carry from room to room with minimum fuss.

There are other 7-inch devices out there - and yes, they are all more than likely cheaper than the new Apple device - but nigh-on every one of them features either a locked environment (with less choice for apps or content) or an extra layer of complexity that makes them less suitable for a group of people with varying technical know-how. For example, I love and use Android devices, my Mum - who’s in her 60s - can’t get her head round them.

An iPad mini would also be a better device to use on a plane, especially if you travel economy and don’t want to occasionally fling an elbow into your neighbours.

Wish Tim Cook would say:
I wish Tim Cook would stand up and say that Apple has consistently got it wrong on pricing, and that the company has decided to release the iPad mini at £159 for the 16GB version to remain competitive in the market. He won’t of course.

Neither will he spontaneously launch into a rendition of the Rebel MC classic “Street Tuff”. Which is a shame.

Hunter Skipworth, Contributing Editor

Most looking forward to:
I think it has to be the possibility of a redesigned iMac for me. If the words Retina Display are so much as even whispered, then its time to break open the piggy bank, yet again.

Wish Tim Cook would say:
I wish Tim Cook would say Apple is designing a TV set. There just isn't enough brushed aluminium in my house.


Danny Brogan, Contributing Editor

Most looking forward to:
iPad mini. I'm yet to be convinced by the smaller form factor of tablet devices, largely because I use them predominantly to watch video and find a 7-inch display is just too small, particularly for a two-hour film for example. I'm interested to see if Apple can change my opinion.

Wish Tim Cook would say
That Apple has ironed out issues surrounding the iOS 6 Podcast app. It's confusing, full of glitches and can inadvertently suck up your data usage without you realising. Sadly, I'm not sure it's a pressing enough issue for Tim to address.

Dan Sung, Editor of Features

Most looking forward to:
If I were to buy an Apple laptop, it would be the 13-inch MacBook Pro and giving it a Retina Display finally makes it worth while splashing out all that extra money rather than just buying another Windows PC that is basically the same but rattles a bit more. I’m still not going to buy one, but it will become the gadget that I see in my deepest dreams.

Wish Tim Cook would say:
“I never wanted to be a tech company CEO, rabbiting on all day about Retina Displays and software updates spreading from the West. I always wanted to be....a lumberjack!”

Stuart Miles, Founder

Most looking forward to:
The iPad mini, I think it will catapult sales of Apple tablets tremendously in the run up to Christmas and even more so for educational use. A smaller cheaper iPad now seems to be a no-brainer when compared to devices like the Nexus 7 and that's going to make for an interesting choice for consumers.

Wish Tim Cook would say
They are free if you promise to spend £100 a year on apps for 2 years.

- iPad mini: What we know, but is it what we want?

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