Crikey, Apple is going to be busy during its iPad mini launch event - the date of which we're hoping to confirm very soon. Tim Cook will be like a magician pulling a succession of ever more elaborate items from his hat, if the rumour mill is to be believed.

Not only did we hear yesterday that the company plans to launch the 13-inch MacBook pro with Retina display and a new, thinner iMac, but the latest word is that you can also add an update to the Mac mini to that list. And all alongside the 7.85-inch tablet device that we've been anticipating for more than a year.

9to5Mac claims its sources say there will be two configurations of the new Mac mini unveiled, with different storage space and processing power. The Apple-centric site also states there will be a third version that runs OS X Server.

The sources also hint that the new micro computers will ship immediately after the announcement - unlike the iPad mini, which is not expected to hit stores until about a week after the launch.

We'll bring you more the moment Apple sends out its event invites.