Apple will finally reveal its iPad mini on 23 October, just three days before Microsoft begins selling its own tablet device, according to reports.

AllThingsD, which correctly predicted the launch of both the iPad 2 and new iPad, received the tip, claiming the world will get its first glimpse of Apple’s iPad mini on Tuesday 23 October at a so far unspecified location.

Invites to the press were expected to have been distributed on 10 October. With no save the date in site, some began to question whether Apple was experiencing production delays, while some questioned the very existence of the device.

However, it seems all will be revealed on 23 October, which the eagle-eyed among you will notice is just three days before Windows 8 becomes available, and coincides with Microsoft’s own tablet devices going on sale. How to spoil a party, Apple.

The iPad mini is expected to feature a 7.85-inch display along with Apple’s new Lightning connector first seen on the iPhone 5, while speculation is mounting that it will be Wi-Fi only,

Should 23 October prove to be the date Apple reveals all, we’d expect invites to the event to be making their way over very soon.