With rumours of the iPad mini heating up, leaked iPad mini components have turned up online purporting to be the real deal rather than just the mock-ups we've seen previously.

The latest photos, turning up on Ukrainian iPhone news blog, show that those looking to go small will be able to go black too, as well as surf the web without the need of a Wi-Fi network.

If the images are correct, and there are plenty of reasons to expect they are and are not, we can expect a black anodised aluminium shell similar to the iPhone 5 just out, along with a nano SIM slot to give users the ability to jump online whenever they need.

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Other details from the photos reveal that there will be a rear camera, a headphone socket at the top of the tablet, and a slot at the bottom for the lightning cable.

With a rumoured 10 October invite date, and further rumours that we could see the launch of the iPad mini before the end of October, we shouldn't have too long to find out whether the rumours from Ukraine are true.

ipad mini parts turn up mimics black iphone 5 design image 2

What do you think? The real deal or a fake, let us know in the comments below