Somebody has managed to get their hands-on an iPad mini. Or, at least, a cheap Chinese dummy made from the proposed specifications sent to case manufacturers, that is.

Tech site Giz-China has received a non-working sample of what many believe the iPad mini will look like, based on rumours, leaks and, most likely, the fertile imaginations of Chinese part manufacturers. And while it may turn out to look radically different from the device Apple is expected to announce in October, it at least gives an indication as to the size and potential of such a tablet.

Andi Sykes has even recorded a video of himself lovingly fondling the prospective device, which shows a couple of things. First, an iPad mini would really work at such a size. And second, it's amazing what you can buy for $13.

Anyhow, enjoy the video. It'll certainly be interesting to compare Sykes's discoveries when the real device arrives.

Do you think this will be like the real deal? Let us know in the comments below...