With all the rumours and hubbub around Apple's launching a smaller iPad mini, the question we constantly get asked here at Pocket-lint is when is the iPad mini coming out and what it is going to be called?

iPad mini release date

According to the latest rumours circulating on the web, the next Apple iPad mini is expected to be announced and launched in October.

The current iPad, the iPad 3, was announced on 7 March this year before going on sale on 16 March in the UK, America, Japan, France and Germany.

Unlike previously when we could compare announcement and launch details, the iPad mini is a new product so it's still anyone's guess as to how quickly Apple will put the iPad mini on sale after announcing it.

In previous years Apple used the "fall' - autumn - timeframe to update its iPod range of devices, while the iPad has enjoyed a spring launch schedule.

An October launch could be tied in with an iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod Shuffle product refreshes.

What's the iPad mini going to be called?

The iPad mini is what all the rumours are calling it, but it's unlikely to be called that when it comes to launch - just like the iPod touch isn't called the iPod without phone.

Expect it to be something a lot cooler and more Apple. Maybe the iPad nano, or the iPad Play, or maybe the iPad Go.

Should you wait or just get an iPad?

Deciding whether you want an iPad mini or not is going to depend on what you plan to use it for. The iPad mini is likely to feature a 7.85-inch screen and be smaller and lighter than the iPad, as you would expect from it sporting a smaller screen.

The main reason to want to get an iPad mini is to read books, play games or watch movies on the go, rather than around your house.

Ultimately it is going to be a device that looks a lot like the Nexus 7, but powered by Apple's iOS 6 rather than Android, obviously.

The iPad mini would also be better suited for your kids: it will be smaller, and more than likely cheaper.

You should probably go for the iPad 3 if you are likely to use it around the house, enjoy watching movies at home, or like surfing the web a lot.

iPad mini: What we know, but is it what we want?