With so many rumours flying around it was only a matter of time before we saw some mock-ups of what the iPad mini might look like. We repeat, what it “might” look like.

The chaps at 9to5mac have gathered up what murmurs and whispers there have been and created a render that looks far more iPod-esque than iPad.

For example, the borders on the left and right side of the device when held in a portrait position are much thinner than the current iPad.

While this, of course, will enable Apple to reduce the size of the device without compromising the display, it could lead to problems when holding the tablet vertically with accidental brushes of the touchscreen. As 9to5mac speculates, could Apple somehow implement a reduced sensitivity on the edge of the screen?

Other mock ups show an iPad mini without a front-facing camera. With the likes of the Google Nexus retailing for £199, Apple will be looking at keeping the cost down. Omitting a feature like a front-facing camera could help do this, but with the likes of FaceTime being such a prominent Apple feature we think it's highly unlikely.

It’s all speculation, of course, of a device that hasn’t even been announced officially, but these mock-ups have certainly got us pondering.

Do you like the look of these mock-ups? Do you think the iPad mini will look like this? Let us know in the comments below...