Many of those who have picked up a new iPad are reporting issues with Smart Covers not triggering the automatic screen-locking system when you close them.

Apple developed with Smart Cover, first launched with the iPad 2, a means whereby magnets on the right edge of the cover would lock the screen and keep it fixed to the front of the display. Forums have begun to fill with reports of this not working with the newest iPad.

Pocket-lint investigated the claims, following a comment from a reader that his iPad case wasn’t performing as expected.

In our tests, we used an original iPad Smart Cover bought at the launch of the iPad 2, a Smart Cover bought at the time of the new iPad launch, and a Griffin intelliCase to see how they performed and if there were any differences in performance.

Testing the two different official covers on two separate 3rd-generation iPads yielded the same results: they worked. They also functioned perfectly on a pair of iPad 2s. The Griffin iPad cover also worked fine.

That result differs from a report in The Daily Mail suggesting that first-generation Smart Covers don’t work with the new iPad. This is wrong.

We then used a counterfeit Smart Cover (naughty we know) on the new Apple tablet, and this didn’t work, however it did work perfectly with the iPad 2.

This suggests to us that there might have been a change made to the new iPad specification by Apple to combat counterfeit Smart Covers.

The answer seems to be then that if you want a Smart Cover to work with the new iPad, it needs to be an official one, or from a third-party maker that you can trust. Maybe you will have to buy a new cover after all for your iPad, even though on the surface it appears to be identical.

In the meantime, according to The Daily Mail, Maroo is offering refunds for unhappy customers. Maybe your Smart Cover maker will do too. But if you bought it off the back of a lorry or down the market on a “deal” chances are you’ll have to get used to it no longer being “smart”. 

Apple isn’t replacing any covers, official or otherwise.

Any issues with third party smart covers? Let us know in the comments below ...