The new iPad is Apple's hottest yet, not only in a metaphorical sense, but also literally. It's been proven to run 10 degrees hotter than the previous generation, the iPad 2.

Dutch website has tested the heat generation of the two devices by putting them under an infrared camera in order to take a thermal image. Both were set up to run the same benchtest software and the result was that the new iPad reached a temperature of 33.6C. The iPad 2 hit a maximum of 28.3, a difference of 5.3 degrees.

In Fahrenheit terms, the difference is just less than 10-degrees, with the new iPad reaching 92.5F and the iPad 2, 82.9F.

The results were taken after five minutes of running the software and while it's not enough to burn you or damage the processor (it is designed to turn itself off if it overheats), it is enough to tell the difference by touch.

And just imagine how hot it could get in direct sunlight. Summer's just around the corner, after all.

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