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(Pocket-lint) - The first set of new iPad buyers have already arrived outside London's Regent Street Apple store. Ali and Zohaib have been waiting outside the shop since Sunday and are currently the only two people lining up for the new Apple tablet.

Speaking to Pocket-lint, Zohaib explained that he had come slightly underprepared for the wait: "My parents are turning up later with sleeping bags," said a cold-looking Zohaib. 

All the usual accessories of experienced Apple queuers were there: folding chairs, Thermos mugs and plenty of snacks. They are waiting the arrival of the rest of the Apple fans, with whom they often spend days queuing for Apple products. 

"Noah, Harry, Craig, Mikey and Dan are all headed down," says Zohaib. Pocket-lint is familiar with a few of those names from the iPhone 4S launch, Craig and Dan both claiming the number one spot in the smartphone's queue. 

It might seem slightly bizarre to be lining up so early for the new iPad but in reality, if you are after one, it's the only way to guarantee a buy on launch day. The tablet is already selling out online the world over and as is the case with previous iPad launches, it will likely be a few weeks before Apple gets more stock.

Pocket-lint will of course be on hand for the new iPad launch in London, up bright and early to grab photos and interviews from the day's festivities. Check back on 16 March for our full coverage. In the meantime, if you do plan on queuing, make sure you wrap up warm!

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Writing by Hunter Skipworth.