The new iPad will feature Bluetooth 4.0, the latest Bluetooth tech and the same Bluetooth offering as found in the company's iPhone 4S. But what does that mean - and should you give a monkey's?

"Like all other Bluetooth Smart Ready devices, the consumer now has the opportunity to seamlessly connect their diverse Bluetooth devices [Classic Bluetooth technology or new Bluetooth Smart devices] to the new iPad," the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) tells us.

While most of the new Bluetooth Smart devices currently on the market are to do with Bluetooth Smart watches or heart-rate monitors, the news that a tablet now has the same technology will open up the urge from manufacturers to create more desktop and tablet focused accessories such as keyboards and clever stands.

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According to the Bluetooth SIG, that means a Bluetooth Smart keyboard that won’t require a change of batteries for the life of the new iPad.

Users will also be able to track the data that might be coming off of their many Bluetooth Smart devices securely through apps on their new iPad.

"Fitness buffs can track and record their workout analytics (heart rate, distance, speed, elevation, etc) on an app that’s talking to their Bluetooth enabled heart rate monitor. 

"Diabetics can seamlessly and securely track their blood sugar levels from their Bluetooth enabled glucose meter through an app on their new iPad.  At their next visit, they can simply show a chart of their blood sugar levels over the past six months on their new iPad (in full HD) when the doctor asks how their readings have been since the last check-up," adds the group, clearly excited by the possibilities.

 "Or consumers can use their new iPad as a remote control to their Bluetooth enabled home audio system, TV or thermostat," 

The Bluetooth SIG is expecting the number of Bluetooth Smart accessories to grow following the announcement from Apple.