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(Pocket-lint) - The new iPad. That's what you need to be asking for when you walk into an Apple Store on Friday 16 March.

Apple has launched the new device in San Francisco and at a special extra event in London, and Pocket-lint was on hand to have a quick gander before we get to work on our full new iPad review nearer the time.

The main takeaway from all this is that the iPad Retina display is as "luscious" as they say, while the device is noticeably faster again than the iPad 2.

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There are other features too, including a new voice dictation mode with speech recognition. Unfortunately, there's no Siri this time.

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Thankfully though, like many Apple launches, the bar is set high. If Samsung had launched this device, we would be shouting at the top of our voices telling you that the end is nigh for Apple. But it isn't Samsung's baby, this is Apple's. And if the end is nigh at all, it's for the iPads that have gone before it.

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Certainly, from our initial play, the stand-out features all deliver. The screen really is crisp, the new iPad (3rd generation) is super fast, and the experience is as lovely as always. Will iPad 2 users need to upgrade? Probably not. And, like we said when the iPad 2 replaced the first iPad, you'll be able to get by without.

In the iPad 2, you've still got a great device and nothing changes on that front. But, if you've got the original iPad, it's time to upgrade. You really will notice the difference.

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Of course, none of this matters. Apple has released a tablet that will sell in its millions come 16 March, that much is for certain. And there'll be no hiding from the glee on your face when you open that box for the first time.

Pre-orders for the new iPad are open now.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.
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