Apple has announced an iPad and iPhone version of its popular iPhoto app, allowing you to edit photos on the go.

"With the introduction of iPhoto, we’ve brought the entire suite of iLife apps to iOS and users are going to love it," said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice-president of worldwide marketing.

The new app, which joins GarageBand and iMovie, is the last big piece in the Apple app puzzle and one that will no doubt be welcomed by millions of people keen to use the iPad as a photo sharing and editing device.

The iPhoto app will come with Smart browsing, multi-touch editing, professional-quality effects, and brushes. 

The new app will offer many of the same features of the iPhoto app on the desktop allowing users to edit and crop images as well as apply special effects to photos before sharing them via email, Twitter, Flickr or Facebook.

You'll get smart tools that analyse your photos, letting you view similar images, compare shots side-by-side to select your best, and to straighten automatically. There will also be a multi-touch cropping tool, for freestyle cropping and predesignated crops.

You'll be able to tweak image properties, like contrast, exposure, colours or white balance at your fingertips, as well as apply photos effects and create and share your works through Journals.

Apple said it had waited to launch the iPhoto app until the iPad's screen could really show how great your images are.

The new app will be available today and will cost you $4.99. You can expect Pocket-lint to bring you what we think of iPhoto on the iPad as soon as it launches. 

Apple has also confirmed that it has updated iWork apps, its GarageBand app to allow up to four devices jamming at the same time recording your efforts as you go, and iMovie with a new feature that allows you to create a trailer in the same way you can on the desktop app. 

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